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A-1. Descendants of Carl Erik Qvarnstrom
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Carl Erik Qvarnstrom was born on 27 Nov. 1829 in Nyhammar-Burk Parish, Kopparberg County, Dalarna Province, Sweden. He learned the trade of Master Blacksmith in Nyhammar and it was there he married Maria Ulrika Gorling in 26 Dec. 1850. She was born 05 July 1828 in Ludvika, Kopparberg, Sweden. Maria’s father was Johan Gorling and her mother was Sara Nystrom. Maria is descended from a "vallon family". "Vallons" were immigrants from Holland-Belgium that came to Sweden in the 16th and 17th centuries to work as blacksmiths.

Carl and Maria moved to the United States of America on 08 July 1892 with their youngest son Fredrik, and his sister Maria and her daughter Maria.  They took the ship Ariosto to Hull England.    The immigration register lists their destination as New York North America.  They are buried in Chicago, Illinois, USA at the Oak Woods cemetary.  Their children were:


A-1.I-1. Carl Axel Quanstrom
          married Elizabeth Christine Skogue
born 19 Oct. 1849 in Ludvika Nyhammars Bruk, Sweden died 28 March 1917 in Altona, Illinois, USA
A-1.I-2. Carl Erik Qvarnstrom
          married Scedia Skogue
born 15 Oct. 1851 in Grangarde Abackshyttan, Sweden
A-1.I-3. Johan August Qvarnstrom
          married Anna Jansdotter
born 10 July 1853 in Grangarde Abackshyttan, Sweden
A-1.I-4. Anders Gustaf Quanstrom born 29 Aug. 1855 in Nyhammar, Sweden
A-1.I-5. Susanna Ulrika Quanstrom
          married Carl Engberg
born 04 Feb. 1858 - a Twin - in Nyhammar, Dalarna, Sweden died 10 Sep. 1927 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
A-1.I-6. Per Alfred Quarnstrom
          married Anna Maria Lydia Peterson
born 04 Feb. 1858 - a Twin - in Nyhammar, Dalarna, Sweden died 15 July 1886 in Gavle, Gavleborg, Sweden
A-1.I-7. Simon Qvarnstrom born 26 Sep. 1860 in Nyhammar Abackshyttan, Sweden
A-1.I-8. Adolf Qvarnstrom born 04 Dec. 1862 (also have 04 Oct. 1862) in Nyhammar, Sweden
A-1.I-9. Ludvig Qvarnstrom/Kvarnstrom
          married Johanna Lovisa Jansdotter
born 04 May 1864 in Nyhammar, Sweden
A-1.I-10. Henning Qvarnstrom born 30 Nov. 1866 - a Twin - in Nyhammar, Sweden (also have 20 Nov. 1866)
A-1.I-11 Maria Qvarnstrom
          married Wilhelm Andersson
born 30 Nov. 1866 - a Twin - in Nyhammar, Sweden (also have 30 Apr. 1866)
A-1.I-12. Johanna Ulrika Qvarnstrom
born 13 Feb. 1870 - in Nyhammar, Sweden
A-1.I-13. Fredrik Qvarnstrom born 14 Apr. 1872 - in Nyhammar, Sweden (also have 20 Apr. 1872)