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A-1.I-13. Descendants of Fredrik Qvarnstrom/Quanstrom

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A-1.I-13. Fredrik Qvarnstrom/Quanstrom was born 14 Apr. 1872 or 20 Apr. 1872 (from ship register) in Nyhammar, Sweden.  Fredrik moved to the United States of America on 08 July 1892 with his parents Carl Erik and Maria Ulrika, his sister Maria and her daughter Maria.  They took the ship Ariosto to Hull England.    The immigration register lists their destination as New York North America.

He married but we have no name. Their children were:


A-1.I-13.II-1. Roy Fred Quanstrom
          married Isabella
A-1.I-13.II-2. Harry Fred Quanstrom
          married Helen