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A-1.I-1. Descendants of Carl Axel Qvarnstrom/Quanstrom

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Carl Axel and his Family
Back row standing: Charles Albert, Anna Marie, Ellna Christine, John Edward
Middle row seated: Carl Axel and Elizabeth Christine Quanstrom
Front row seated: Elmer Alfred -- Front row standing: Albin Wesley
Front row seated on floor: Bernard Justus

A-1.I-1. Carl Axel Qvarnstrom/Quanstrom  was born 19 October 1849 in Ludvika Nyhammar-Bruk Parrish, Kopparberg County, Dalarna Province, Sweden.  He was the illegitimate son of Maria Gorling. In the christening book from 1849, as well as in three "Household Examination Rolls" (or shorter "Clerical Surveys") between 1849 and 1872 he is said to have "father unknown". The emigration register of 1872 also says "father unknown". Carl came to America  02 Aug. 1872.  He took the ship Orlando to Hull England. Some of the family settled near Chicago, Illinois, USA. Carl and his brother Charles came to Altona, Knox County, Illinois, USA.   Carl Axel married Elizabeth Christine Skogue or Skog near Randall or East Galesburg, Illinois, USA in 8 Nov. 1873 and his brother Charles married her sister Scedia in 1880.

Elizabeth Christine Skogue/Skog was born 18 May 1849 (new information says 15 May 1849) in Halsingborg Parish (also references Halsingland), Malmohus County, Skane Province, Sweden. I have conflicting information about her birthplace, I also have Tomsjo, Gavleborg, Sweden from Dick Swanson.  Her parents were Jonas(John) Skogue/Skog born in 14 April 1815 and Christine Peterson or Pehrsdotter was born in 15 September 1827. Jonas died in 1894 and Elizabeth died in 1922.   For Elizabeth Christine Skogue's ascendants click here.

Carl and Elizabeth had a large family of at least eight children. Elizabeth died 24 August 1906 in Altona, Illinois, USA and Carl died 28 March 1917 in Altona, Illinois, USA. Both are buried in Altona, Illinois, USA. Their children were:

A-1.I-1.II-1. Anna Marie Quanstrom
          married Chauncey Edmund Cochran 
born 02 May 1874 died 12 Oct. 1918
A-1.I-1.II-2. Charles Albert Quanstrom
          married Clara (Dora) Victoria Swanson
born 22 Feb 1877 died 14 Nov. 1936
A-1.I-1.II-3. John Edward Quanstrom
          married Lillian Elizabeth Lundholm  
born 31 July 1879 died 13 Aug. 1949
A-1.I-1.II-4. Ellna Christine Quanstrom
          married Edward (Edwin) Theodore Swanson
born 01 June 1882 died 28 Dec 1956
A-1.I-1.II-5. Elmer Alfred Quanstrom
          married Margaret Bennett 
born 06 May 1886 died 18 Nov. 1939
A-1.I-1.II-6. Albin Wesley Quanstrom
          married Augusta Marie Lundholm
born 16 Nov. 1888 died 20 July 1949
A-1.I-1.II-7. Bernard Justus Quanstrom
          married Helga Dorothy Lundholm
born 21 Feb. 1891 died 20 Sep 1971
A-1.I-1.II-8. Bessie Pauline Quanstrom
          married Clarence Swanson 
born 18 July 1895 died 17 Mar. 1971