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A-1.I-5. Descendants of Susanna Ulrika Quanstrom

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Gladys (Glena) and Anna Engberg
Gladys (Glena) and Anna Engberg

Susanna Ulrika Quanstrom was born on 04 Feb. 1858 in Nyhammar, Dalarna, Sweden. She married Carl Engberg. He was born about 1863 in Linde, Sweden.

According to Canadian Immigration Records they entered Canada in 1882.

According to the 1920 United States Census they entered the USA in 1887 (perhaps through Halifax, Canada) and were naturalized citizens in 1889. Their address was recorded as 10626 Avenue "H", Chicago, Illinois, USA. Carl was a laborer for the railroad.

Susanna died 10 Sep. 1927 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Their children were:


A-1.I-5.II-1. Anna Engberg born about 1890 in Illinois, USA
A-1.I-5.II-2. Beda Marie Engberg
  married A-1.I-6.II-3.Alfred Joel Quanstrom
born 14 Aug. 1892 in Chicago, Illinois, USA died 01 Dec. 1980 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
A-1.I-5.II-3. Glena Engberg
  married David Bergstendt
born about 1897 in Illinois, USA