Qvarnstrom / Quanstrom / Kvarnstrom / Quarnstrom Genealogy

Welcome to my first attempt to compile information about the Quanstrom family.  My Aunt June has been the keeper of this information for many years and I decided to put it on the Internet for others to find, and perhaps discover our shared heritage.

My original information descended from Carl Erik, so his information started with the A-1 designation. When his ascendants were added I did not want to try to change all of the information I had already input to start with Johan, so I used AA-1 for Johan. So Carl Erik has two designations, A-1, and AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-5.A-1.

I am descended from Carl Erik Kvarnstrom/Qvarnstrom, so most of my information pertains to him.  You can go through the information in two ways.   The first is a single thread method.  If you follow the link above you will be taken page by page down the line.   These pages contain more detail, such as birth dates, marriages, deaths, and children.   I have also created a page with all of the descendants and newly added ascendants, which contains only their names.  This allows you to view the generations in an overview mode.  Eventually I'd like to have at least one picture of each person on the site, but I'm sure that will take a very long time to achieve.  I have added some pictures, one of which is of a family reunion that took place in June of 1982.

If you would like to search for a particular name, you could go to the page with all of the descendants and do a find.

I can be contacted at kkq2@REMOVETHISTEXTkkq.com if you have any additions or corrections. Please remove the upper case text within the address. I did this to avoid spam.

Also, please note that all dates are in the European format of DD/MM/YY. I started doing this because most of my original information was in this format, and as I was trying to input them into the American format I was inevitably transposing them.

To begin the single string method, please start here.


28 February 2021: Kristina Stromberg let me know that her mother Ulla had died. Updated the relevant pages to reflect dates.

19 June 2013: Roy Fred Quanstrom contacted me regarding his decendants. Thanks Roy.

20 November 2007: Kelly Ann Quanstrom (not my sister), contacted me regarding the birthdates of Brian Quanstrom's three children. Thanks Kelly.

24 April 2007: Anna-Lena Henriksson from Sweden contacted me regarding information that she had for descendants of Mina Elise Qvarnstrom.   She also gave me a great overview of the Quanstrom name variations. Here is what she said:

The old spelling from the 17th century is Qvarnstrom (in Swedish the "o" has two dots over it, and you translate it as the vowel in the word "burn", just a bit shorter).  My great grandfather Ludvig changed the spelling to Kvarnstrom, in a way a more Swedish spelling since the parts in the name has a meaning: "Kvarn" means "mill" in English, and "strom" means "swiftly flowing water"/"stream". I guess that they changed the spelling (to "u" instead of "v") when they came to the USA because the "k" and "v" is impossible to pronounce after each other in English.

Anna-Lena also gave me this information about what a "Clerical Survey" is:

The books where it's possible to find information about people who lived here in Sweden long time ago is the church's rolls/books of christening, marriage and burials, and the "Clerical surveys" which is unique for Sweden and Finland (Finland was a part of Sweden in the old days). A "Clerical survey" is:

"Everybody over the age of 15 (about) had to go to a meeting once a year, when they were examined in the knowledge of their religion. Everybody should be able to read the Catechism, so most Swedes, even the women, could read in the early 1700s, and some could even write. You had to pass the examination, or else you were not allowed to take part in the Holy Communion, and that made you a social outcast, and you were not allowed to marry, for instance.


To keep track of the parishioners' knowledge of religion, the parish priest made lists of all persons in the parish, household by household, with spaces for entering age, place of birth, moves, inoculations, knowledge of different parts of the catechism and many other facts of life. These records were kept continuously, in big books, every volume covering mostly a period of five to ten years."

Anna-Lena also gave me information about Swedish place names:

The parish where most of us were born is Grangärde (the second "a" has two dots over it). The village is Nyhammar, which was called Abäckshyttan in the early days. The county is Dalarna, and the country is Sweden. Both the name "Nyhammar" and the name "Abäckshyttan" tells us that the village grew up around a place where they made iron from the ore they took up from the small mines all around the county: "Abäckshyttan" means "The smelting house by the A-brook", and "Nyhammar" means "New hammer" - they renamed the village after the new hammer in the smelting house! And a lot of our ancestors worked in the smelting house as black smiths.

04 August 2006: Dick Swanson sent me more information about our shared ascendants. Most specifically about the Skogue family and he found out that some changed their name to Skog, Skoog, or Skoag. Most of the information is here. Thanks Dick.

12 January 2006: Dick Swanson contacted me regarding some of our shared ascendants. I've updated  the information for Ellna Christine Quanstrom, Charles Albert Quanstrom, and Bessie Pauline Quanstrom. Thanks Dick.

07 December 2005: Was contacted by a descendant of Roy Fred Quanstrom. They requested that the entire lineage for entry A-1.I-13.II-1.III-4. be deleted. This lineage has now been deleted from this website.

05 October 2005: Anne Hagerty contacted me with corrections and additions to the descendants of Ronald Quanstrom. Thanks Anne.

06 February 2005: Brian Quanstrom sent me a new picture of Anna Maria Lydia Peterson. Thanks Brian.

06 November 2004: More pictures from Elizabeth Quanstrom.  Thanks again Libby.

17 September 2004: I was contacted by Elizabeth Quanstrom with some great pictures of her family, William A., Beda and Alfred Joel and their family. Thanks Libby.

11 September 2004: Deirdre Quarnstrom contacted me with name corrections for descendants of Karl Alfred Quarnstrom. Thanks Deirdre.

20 August 2004: Brian Quanstrom contacted me with information about Alfred Joel Quanstrom and his descendants. Thanks Brian.

19 July 2004: Fred Quarnstrom contacted me with information about Karl Alfred Quarnstrom and his descendants. Thanks Fred.

5 March 2004: Anna Quanstrom Bradshaw has given me more information about Roy Fred Quanstrom's descendants. Thanks again, Anna.

6 February 2004: I was contacted by Anna Quanstrom Bradshaw who has submitted information about Walter Quanstrom and his descendents, as well as family photos . Thanks Anna.

16 December 2003: I was contacted by Eva Hakansson from Sweden regarding information about Muriel Virginia Quanstrom and her descendents. I have updated and added to their information. Thanks Eva.

3 March 2003: I was contacted by Elizabeth Quanstrom regarding information that she had regarding Per Alfred Quarnstrom and Susanna Quanstrom's descendents. Note the name difference, even though they are siblings. I have now added this information. Thanks Libby.

23 February 2002: I have received updates from family members in Sweden.  Bertil and Ulla Kvarnstrom  have sent new information which I have added to the various branches of the tree.  This new information shows the parents and grandparents of Carl Erik.  My thanks to them for this new addition.    

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