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A-1.I-3. Descendants of Johan August Qvarnstrom

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A-1.I-3. Johan August Qvarnstrom was born 10 July 1853 in Grangarde Abackshyttan, Sweden.  Johan came to the United States of America on 05 Sep. 1879.  He took the ship Orlando to Hull England.  The immigration register lists his destination as Alloua North America. 

Johan married Anna Jansdotter 08 Aug. 1874.  Anna Jansdotter was born 03 Feb. 1850 in Mockfjard, Sweden.  She came to America  30 July 1880 with Johan August's brother Simon.  She took the ship Rollo to Hull England.  The immigration register lists her destination as New York North America.

According to the immigration register Anna brought 3 children with her.  They were:


A-1.I-3.II-1.  Anna Maria Qvarnstrom born 30 Oct. 1874 in Grangarde Abackshyttan, Sweden
A-1.I-3.II-2.  Karl Oscar Qvarnstrom born 23 Dec. 1876 in Busby Abackshyttan, Sweden
A-1.I-3.II-3.  Johan August Qvarnstrom born 11 Mar. 1880 in Nyhammar Abackshyttan, Sweden