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A-1.I-9. Descendants of Ludvig Qvarnstrom

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A-1.I-9. Ludvig Qvarnstrom/Kvarnstrom was born 04 May 1864. He wed Johanna Lovisa Jansdotter in 11 Sep. 1886. She was born 01 Mar. 1865 in Ludvika, Sweden.

The immigration register for his children show his name to be spelled Qvarnstrom as late as 1903, but Kvarnstrom in 1921.

Their children are:


A-1.I-9.II-1. Anna Ulrika Qvarnstrom born 12 July 1885  in Kallbaga Nyhammer, Sweden
A-1.I-9.II-2. Maria Viktoria Qvarnstrom born 29 June 1887 in Nyhammar, Sweden
A-1.I-9.II-3. Elna Lovisa Kvarnstrom born 16 Aug. 1890
A-1.I-9.II-4. Ludvig Reinhold Kvarnstrom born 15 Jan. 1893
A-1.I-9.II-5. Simon Valdemar Kvarnstrom
          married Desideria Eriksson
born 14 Mar. 1895
A-1.I-9.II-6. Selma Albertina Kvarnstrom born 19 July 1896
A-1.I-9.II-7. Signe Josefina Kvarnstrom born 4 Dec. 1898
A-1.I-9.II-8. Elsa Elisabeth Kvarnstrom born 13 Mar. 1901 in Nyhammar Kvarnheden, Sweden
A-1.I-9.II-9. Edit Alfrida Kvarnstrom
           married Axel Albin Igelstrom
born 30 Dec. 1902 in Nyhammar, Sweden
A-1.I-9.II-10. Bror Evert Kvarnstrom born 3 July 1905
A-1.I-9. II-11. Karl Edvin Kvarnstrom born 24 July 1907
A-1.I-9.II-12. Elin Linnea Kvarnstrom born 15 Feb. 1909 (also have 15 Dec. 1909) in Nyhammar Kvarnheden, Sweden
A-1.I-9.II-13. Mina Elise Qvarnstrom
           married Tore Bostrom
born 13 Mar. 1910 in Kvarnheden, Grangarde, Sweden died 01 Oct. 1966 in Lillheden, Grangarde, Sweden