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A-1.I-1.II-8. Descendants of Bessie Pauline Quanstrom

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A-1.I-1.II-8. Bessie Pauline Quanstrom was born 18 July 1895 near Victoria, Illinois, Knox County, USA. On 11 Dec. 1915 in Galesburg, Illinois, USA she married Clarence Swanson (brother of Edward Swanson, who married Ellna Christine Quanstrom   AND brother of Clara Victoria Swanson, who married Charles Albert Quanstrom). He was born 09 May 1893 near Rio, Illinois, USA. He was the son of Issac and Clara Swanson. Issac was a veteran of the Civil War. Bessie and Clarence had no children. He died 23 Apr. 1956 and she on 17 Mar. 1971. Both are buried in Davenport, Iowa, USA.