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A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-1. Descendants of Walter Quanstrom

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A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-1. Walter Quanstrom married Harriet Fay Sheldon.  Walter worked at Amoco as a Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Safety.  Fay is a Reverend, Doctor, and Senior Pastor at a church.  Their children are:


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. Erik Walter Quanstrom
          married Vanessa Colon de Blanco
born in 1970
A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-2. Anna Katherine Quanstrom
          married Shannon Glenn Bradshaw
born in 1974


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. Erik Walter Quanstrom was born in 1970.  He married Vanessa Colon de Blanco 12 August 2000.  Vanessa was born in Venezuela in 1972.  Erik works as a truck driver.