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A-1.I-1.II-2. Descendants of Charles Albert Quanstrom

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A-1.I-1.II-2. Charles Albert Quanstrom was born 22 Feb. 1877 near Princeville, Illinois, Peoria County, USA. He married Clara (Dora) Victoria Swanson who was born 11 June 1878 in Rio, Illinois, USA (sister of Edward Swanson, who married  Ellna Christine Quanstrom AND sister of Clarence Swanson, who married  Bessie Pauline Quanstrom). Her parents were Isaac and Clara Swanson. Charles died 14 Nov. 1936 and Clara died 20 Jan. 1961. Both are buried in Oneida, Illinois, USA.  Click here to view their headstone. Their children Leo William, Clara Charlotte, and Edna Isabell are also buried in Oneida, Illinois, USA. Their children are:


A-1.I-1.II-2.III-1. Leo William Quanstrom
          married L. Snyder
born 30 Aug. 1898 died 21 Dec. 1968; buried in Oneida, Illinois
A-1.I-1.II-2.III-2. Imo Lucille Quanstrom
          married Harry Hanson
born 25 Aug. 1902
A-1.I-1.II-2.III-3. Parker Isaac Quanstrom
          married Hilda
born 25 Nov. 1904 died 4 May 1950
A-1.I-1.II-2.III-4. Doris Irene Quanstrom
          married Lloyd Kenny
born 11 Dec 1906 died 22 Apr. 1969
A-1.I-1.II-2.III-5. Muriel Bernadine Quanstrom
          married Francis Pearson
born 23 Dec. 1910 died 1986
A-1.I-1.II-2.III-6. Edna Isabell Quanstrom
          married Carl Peterson, Casey Banas
born 25 Oct. 1914 died 1987;                buried in Oneida, Illinois
A-1.I-1.II-2.III-7. Clara Charlotte Quanstrom born 25 Feb 1919 died 12 Aug. 1919; buried in Oneida, Illinois