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A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2. Descendants of Ronald Quanstrom

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A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2. Ronald Quanstrom married Suzanne and has since divorced. Ron is now married to Julie Bearden. Ron is an anesthetist and Julie works with computers. Julie has three children from a previous marriage, Michael, Kyle and Korey. Ron and Suzanne's children are:


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-1. Kent Frederick Quanstrom
          married Linda Kristen Morley
Born 1972
A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-2. Jon Ronald Quanstrom
          married Cheri McDonald
Born 1975
A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-3. Anne Quanstrom
          married John Hagerty
Born 1978


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-1. Kent Frederick Quanstrom was born in 1972. He married Linda Kristen Morley on 6 June 1998. Linda was born in 1974. Kent and Linda are both High School teachers.   Their children are:


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-1.VI-1. Wyatt Ross Quanstrom Born 2003


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-2. Jon Ronald Quanstrom was born in 1975. He married Cheri McDonald on 10 June 1995. Cheri was born in 1975. Jon is an RN and Cheri is a school teacher.  Their children are:


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-2.VI-1. Noah Quanstrom Born 1997
A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-2.VI-2. Eli Calvin Quanstrom Born 2004


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-3. Anne Quanstrom married John Hagerty. Anne is a hair dresser.  Their children are:


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-3.VI-1. Jillian Haggarty Born 2000
A-1.I-13.II-1.III-1.IV-2.V-3.VI-2. Grace Haggarty Born 2001