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AA-1.I-2.II-1. Descendants of Ambrosius Qvarnstrom

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AA-1.I-2.II-1. Ambrosius Qvarnstrom   was born 27 July 1770 in Ore, Dalarna, Sweden.  He was a master smith.  He married Brita Helena Hallin 23 Sep. 1792 in Ore, Dalarna, Sweden.  Brita Helena Hallin was born in 1770 or 1772, and died in 1802 in Sweden.  They had 4 children. 

Ambrosius married Anna Christina Uggla 09 June 1803 in Leksand, Dalarna, Sweden.  Anna Christina Uggla was born 24 Dec. 1778 in Molnebo, Vasterlovsta, Vastmanland, Sweden.  They had 6 children.  Ambrosius died 12 Jan. 1822 in Ore, Dalarna, Sweden.  Ambrosius' children were:


Children with Brita Helena Hallin:
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-1. Ambrosius Qvarnstrom born 21 Oct. 1792
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-2. Johannes Qvarnstrom born 27 Sep. 1794 in Fredshammar, Orsa, Sweden died 02 June 1797 of drowning
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-3. Susanna Qvarnstrom born 19 May 1798
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-4. Johannes Qvarnstrom, named the same as brother above. It was common practice that if a child died for the parents to give their next son/daughter the same name. born 14 June 1799 died 22 Sep. 1799 by accident suffocated by his mother in her sleep
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-5. Johan Fredrik Qvarnstrom born 21 Oct. 1800
Children with Anna Christina Uggla:
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-6. Erik Qvarnstrom born 22 June 1804 in Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden died 08 Jan. 1876 in Nyhammar, Dalarna, Sweden
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-7. Maria Elisabeth Qvarnstrom born 14 Sep. 1806
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-8. Anna Britta Qvarnstrom born 28 Sep. 1808
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-9. Johanna Christina Qvarnstrom born 19 Mar. 1810
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-10. Carl Petter Qvarnstrom born 01 May 1812
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-11. Anna Chatarina Qvarnstrom born 27 Sep. 1814 died 1849 in Bishop Hill, Illinois, USA
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-12. Teodor Qvarnstrom born 22 Nov. 1817 in Fredshammar, Orsa, Sweden
AA-1.I-2.II-1.III-13. Ulrika Qvarnstrom born 09 Oct. 1819 in Fredshammar, Orsa, Sweden