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AA-1.I-2. Descendants of Ambrosius Qvarnstrom

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AA-1.I-2. Ambrosius Qvarnstrom  was born 07 Dec. 1732 in Arboga, Vastmanland, Sweden.  He was a knife master smith.  He married Anna Gropp Nilsdotter in 1755.  Anna Gropp Nilsdotter was born 09 Jan. 1729 in Hedemora, Dalarna, Sweden.  She died 20 June 1808 in Ore, Dalarna, Sweden.  Ambrosius died 03 Nov. 1779 in Ore, Dalarna, Sweden.  Their children were:


AA-1.I-2.II-1. Ambrosius Qvarnstrom
   married Brita Helena Hallin
   (2nd wife) Anna Christina Uggla 
born 27 July 1770 in Ore, Dalarna, Sweden died 12 Jan. 1822 in Ore, Dalarna, Sweden