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A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9. Descendants of Tor Ingvar Karl-Erik Bostrom

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A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.  Tor Ingvar Karl-Erik Bostrom  was born 15 July 1947 in Lillheden,.Grangarde, Sweden.  He was engaged to Margareta Andersson in 1967, and they married in 1986.  Their children are:


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-1. Anders Bostrom
        engaged to Catharina Ludvigsson

Born 08 Aug. 1969


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-2. Mats Fredrik Bostrom
         engaged to Raija Ahola

Born 01 June 1973 in Nyhammer, Sweden


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-3. Marie-Louise Bostrom
         engaged to Roger Ahlen

Born 31 Jan. 1975 in Nyhammer, Sweden



A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-1. Anders Bostrom was born 08 Aug. 1969. He was engaged to Catharina Ludvigsson in 1990.  Their children are:


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-1.V-1. Jessica Louise Bostrom

Born 26 June 1993 in Nyhammer, Sweden


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-1.V-2. Julia Caroline Bostrom

Born 04 Dec. 1995 - a Twin - in Nyhammer, Sweden


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-1.V-3. Natalie Viktoria Bostrom

Born 04 Dec. 1995 - a Twin - in Nyhammer, Sweden


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-2. Mats Fredrik Bostrom was born 01 June 1973. He was engaged to Raija Ahola in 1997.  Their children are:


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-2.V-1. Oskar Mats Bostrom

Born 16 July 1998 in Stora Tuna, Sweden


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-2.V-2. Adam Fredrik Bostrom

Born 23 Jan. 2000 in Stora Tuna, Sweden



A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-3. Marie-Louise Bostrom was born 31 Jan. 1975 in Nyhammar, Sweden. She was engaged to Roger Ahlen.  Their children are:


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-3.V-1. Albin Roger Ahlen

Born 26 June 2002 in Grangarde, Sweden


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-9.IV-3.V-2. Frida Louise Ahlen

Born 13 June 2004 in Grangarde, Sweden