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A-1.I-13.II-1.III-5.IV-3. Descendants of Stephen Roy Quanstrom

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A-1.I-13.II-1.III-5.IV-3. Stephen Roy Quanstrom  was born 27 Jan. 1960.  He married Rhonda Reese. They are now divorced. Their children are:


A-1.I-13.II-1.III-5.IV-3.V-1. Reese Stephen Quanstrom born 26 Aug. 1988
A-1.I-13.II-1.III-5.IV-3.V-2. Roy Stephen Quanstrom born 05 May 1991
A-1.I-13.II-1.III-5.IV-3.V-3. Ruth Elizabeth Quanstrom born 01 July 1995
A-1.I-13.II-1.III-5.IV-3.V-4. Rhianna Quanstrom born 26 Jan. 1999