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A-1.I-1.II-6.III-7. Descendants of Melvin Dale Quanstrom

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A-1.I-1.II-6.III-7. Melvin Dale Quanstrom was born 21 Mar. 1925. He married Annamae Kubelius. Their children are:


A-1.I-1.II-6.III-7.IV-1. Susan Ann Quanstrom
          married Dana Jesse Finley
born 3 Mar. 1950
A-1.I-1.II-6.III-7.IV-2. Terry Lee Quanstrom
          married Patti Weaver
born 13 Dec. 1952
A-1.I-1.II-6.III-7.IV-3. Cynthia Ann Quanstrom
          married (now divorced) Ronald Miller
born 24 May 1956
A-1.I-1.II-6.III-7.IV-4. Candice Ann Quanstrom
          married Jaime Benavides
born 3 Feb. 1958
A-1.I-1.II-6.III-7.IV-5. Pennie Ann Quanstrom
          married Gary Goodman (deceased)
born 28 Apr. 1960