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This was the design of my first Web site.  I did it in 1998 while taking a course at a local junior college.  I haven't made many changes to it since I put it out, except for adding the links to my main genealogy site and updating the death of my cat.  I use FrontPage 98 which is a great product and easy to use.   Of course taking a class to learn made it easier than doing it on my own.   There are some great books out there by Microsoft, such as their "at a glance" series that show you the ins and outs of using their products.  I also like the books by the publisher Que.  They usually have a lot of pictures, which I find to be very helpful.

I hope you will enjoy reading a little about me.   I am an independent computer consultant with an interest in designing for the Internet.  In 1998 I also starting taking film and screenwriting classes at a Columbia College in Chicago.   It was something that I wanted to pursue, so I did it part time for a two year period.  I am working on a couple of screenplays and hope to some day sell them.   I'd like to put some of my film work online, but have not found enough information about how to do that.  So that will have to wait until later.

2006 UPDATE - I have entered a competition to be on a reality show produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor) and Steven Spielberg. You can see one of my films at this link:


I hope you enjoy it.  It was something that I wanted to do, since it was about my Dad.