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A-1.I-9.II-13.III-10. Descendants of Goran Ingmar Bostrom

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A-1.I-9.II-13.III-10. Goran Ingmar Bostrom  was born 30 Mar. 1949 in Lillheden, Grangarde, Sweden.  He was engaged to Kersti Haag in 1982, and they married in 1990.  Their children are:


A-1.I-9.II-13.III-10.IV-1. Simon Goran Daniel Bostrom Born 31 May 1983 in Nyhammer, Sweden
A-1.I-9.II-13.III-10.IV-2. Daniel Ingmar Johannes Bostrom Born 10 Apr. 1986 in Nyhammer, Sweden